Yvonne Kemeny

Yvonne has been running off and on since she was a teenager. In 2004, while in her late 30's she began to get a little more serious about it. After running her first half marathon she knew she was hooked! Since then she has run multiple marathons, many trail ultra marathons and in 2016 a 5 day stage race called the Grand to Grand Ultra. In February 2018, she will be doing the Alps 2 Ocean stage race, in New Zealand which is a 316km unsupported run over 7 days.

Yvonne's philosophy is to make fitness part of everyday life and most importantly to have fun doing it. It is important to challenge your limits and break through plateaus. Her positive outlook on life (and racing) has made her realize that if you want it and you work for it and you surround yourself with positive influences, you can reach your goal and feel like you are on top of the world. Yvonne loves trails, elevation and the challenge of multi-day stage races.

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