Summer Trail Running Clinic

Spend your Summer exploring some of the most beautiful trail systems in the world. This extensive 10 week (June 28th-Sept 4th) Trail Running Program features one hill training night during the week and a long run each Sunday. We'll explore trails from Sidney to Sooke doing single loop or multiple loop runs each week gradually increasing the time/distance we are covering. 


Wed Night Hill Repeats - 6:30 - 7:30
Optional but definitely recommended. Weekly hill repeats will help whip you into shape and prepare you for the climbs to come! Repeats will be a mix of trail or road hills in various locations. We will do a good warm up followed by a progressive set of hill repeats of varying paces and a mix of power walking and running. Cool down to follow.  Run time will be anywhere from 60-90 mins depending on the terrain, location, type of workout and runner. Location details will be emailed to participants in advance along with time/distance approximations for each run. Relax...these will be fun as well as challenging. Schedule coming soon...

Long Run Sunday - 9am - Varying Lengths of Time 2 -4 Hours +
Sunday long runs will start at approx 2 hours and end with 4 + hours. For those doing the Finlayson Arm 28k these long runs will be progressive and set you up nicely for your race day. Locations will vary as will terrain. We'll do some hilly more hiking type trails, some out and back mixed courses, single and multiple loop courses that are more suited to running. Locations will vary from Sidney (Dean Park Loops) to Sooke (Coast Trail.) Location details will be emailed to participants in advance along with time/distance approximations for each run. Schedule of runs coming soon...


Trail Guides/Coaches
Guided long runs will be led by Holland Gidney (left) and Lindsey Millar.  We will divide into two groups, each group will have an experienced guide and no drop policy. 

What Equipment Will You Need?
Good running shoes, better if they are trail specific. For long runs a hydration pack is suggested as there won't be any water stations or places to fill bottles. Runners are self sufficient in terms of fuel/hydration carry what you need. Mini first aid pack. Cell phone and emergency contact info a must. 


What Running Experience Do You Need?
Ideally all participants should be able to run for at least 60 mins or walk/hike for 60-90 mins continuously. 
Sessions will go up to 4 hours + as we near the end of the program so the ability to run/hike that length of time would be essential. Many of the trails are a mix of run/hike and most are very hilly so you can expect a challenging workout each outing. 

Cost: $130 plus tax for the 20 sessions (10 Hill Nights/10 Guided Long Runs) 
Drop In: $10 per session


Mt Work

Beautiful and challenging trails which can be accessed from two different locations. We'll be doing a run through end to end and back again. 


Thetis Lake

When you leave the main trails you'll find some incredible single track systems with stunning views like this. Waterfall off the beaten path.


Jocelyn Peak

Iconic view from the Gowlland Tod trail system in Victoria. Also the stomping ground for the Finlayson Arm 28,50 and 100k event in September. 

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