Technique Analysis


Swimming Video Analysis

Underwater swim video analysis is one of the best ways to improve your stroke, form and efficiency. Each session includes video, some immediate feedback, and detailed follow up.
Cost: $50.00 plus tax (members) $65.00 (non members)
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Power Testing

Power Testing conducted on one of our WAHOO indoor trainers. Why power test? To assist in improving your pedal stroke, power output, and riding form, as well as to monitor your training programs for improvement over time. We offer both wheel-on or wheel-off options with the KICKR or SNAP smart trainers. More info about our trainers: WAHOO

Cost: $50.00 plus tax (Members)
Cost: $65.00 plus tax (Non Members)


Running Video Analysis

Minimize injuries and gain speed by improving your running form. These sessions are approximately 60 minutes and involve video, a complete follow up as well as feedback on the spot. Done at one of the running tracks in Sidney or Victoria Video Analysis can be done as individual or group sessions. Book your session now and benefit from improved form. 

Cost: $50 plus tax (Members)
Cost: $65 plus tax (Non Members)
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