Top Five - Pool Swimming Rules

Keep all your lane mates and Coaches happy by following our Top Five Rules for Pool Swimmers! 

1. Lane Sharing
At the start of the season, we can expect a busy pool and it may take a swim or two for participants to settle into the lane that will work best for them. To help things settle, there are a few lane sharing rules you should follow: 

  • Fastest swimmer should lead each set (will take a few swims to organize)
  • Always allow 5-10 seconds between each swimmer
  • Swim up one lane side (agreed in advance) and down the other, never in the middle
  • Need to pass a slower swimmer, tap their toes, they will wait at the end so you can pass
  • If your toes are tapped, move over. No one cares what the swim order is and it can change multiple times during a workout.
  • Do not swim over people, follow passing etiquette (#4 above). A minor inconvenience for one or two laps while you wait for the person in front to move over is not worth either placing people in risk of injury or making yourself look selfish.
  • Move to the side when you finish a set to make room for incoming swimmers
  • Lead swimmers ensure each lane begins sets on time (based on coaching instructions)
  • Please start the swim on time, this ensures you get a good warm up

2. Your Coaches and Their Role
Create an annual, monthly, weekly, and daily development plan that guides each athlete to their full potential. Create an environment where development and growth is achieved. Guide each athlete to their full potential by offering guidance and stroke correction each practice. To assist your coaching in helping provide you with the best possible training session...

  • Please be respectful
  • Listen to instructions, if you are not sure (couldn't hear) about an upcoming set just ask
  • Coaches are there to help you improve, feedback is not a criticism it is part of improving
  • Coaches love to chat but do your chatting with the coaches before or after the swim. Chatting during the swim slows the workout for everyone
  • Please be patient. With many lanes of swimmers to direct and many of those swimmers new, your coaches are working hard to stay on schedule

3. Equipment

  • Please return any equipment you have used to where you got it
  • Put your name on your own personal equipment to avoid it getting lost in the shuffle
  • Please buy your own pull buoy, paddles and flippers, if at all possible. Spares are scarce

4. Your Best Behavior
Your mood can reflect positively or negatively on the lane you are swimming in and how you interact with your coaches. We love a positive energy flow and encourage you to leave the "tough day at the office" at the office. Positive energy is contagious in a good way and your lane mates will ride that high with you through a great training session. 

  • Please be patient with others in your lane; a little kindness goes a long way
  • Always leave your "crappy day" at home, come with a smile, a clear mind ready to learn
  • Remember your lane mates are all there to improve and get a great workout, just like you.
  • The swim should be as much fun as it is a learning experience, enjoy yourself
  • If you are having issues with lane mates please discuss with your Coaches

5. The Social Side

  • Swimming is social as well as a learning opportunity, enjoy making friends in your lane and many of the others
  • High five, cheer, clap for each other, celebrate when you reach a milestone
  • There is no better reward after a good swim than the "hot tub set". It's a great time to socialize with friends

Written by Coach Lindsey Millar
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