Erin Ellis joined TriStars when she moved to Vancouver Island in 2016.  She didn’t know anyone on the island, and she figured it was a way to meet like-minded people.  Erin didn’t have a background in triathlon, but she had become interested when a friend completed a sprint tri the previous summer.  She thought it looked like a fun goal, and she began to train herself.   She also knew it would be quite the adventure.  Erin had never been a cyclist, and she hadn’t swam in two decades!  She had, however, run distances up to half marathons.  Erin quickly embraced triathlon as a sport, noting that there is so much variety she never gets bored!  She always has another sport to look forward to training for.

Erin had a very eventful first year of triathlon.  In 2016, she completed the Langford Sprint Triathlon, Metchosin Sprint Triathlon and Cultus Lake Sprint Triathlon.  However, sprint tris weren’t enough for Erin.  More recently, she completed the Victoria 70.3, not only achieving a huge goal, but having an absolutely EPIC day, as she says. 

If you think that Erin has pushed out of her comfort zone quickly, you would be right.  Erin’s next goal is to complete the Finlayson Arm 28km trail race on September 10.  She is newer to trail running than to triathlon, and she welcomes the out-of-the-box adventure.  Erin really enjoys having a big goal to work towards, so this doesn’t come as much of a surprise.


Erin finds it challenging to avoid comparing herself to other athletes.  It takes a lot of strength and determination to train, particularly when the motivation to train is low due to high stress or too much work.  However, Erin has managed to get in the training even on those days.  As she would advise, it’s her journey alone to take part in.  She isn’t taking this journey for anyone but herself, and it’s important to her to remember exactly why she is training and competing.  No one else’s ability or reason matters.

Erin contributes a lot of her success to the motivation given by her training partners.  They push Erin to become a faster and stronger athlete.  Her track and cycling partner Garth Fuller has provided her with a lot of information.  He has also pulled her out the door when she didn’t feel much like training.  Another TriStars friend Brent Chan really helped motivate her when she had doubts about racing the half iron distance.

Erin is thankful that she stepped outside of her comfort zone last February to join TriStars for a swim.  She didn’t know anyone then.  However, she has since been embraced by what she calls an “amazing community.”  She has never felt more supported and encouraged. 

What’s next for Erin?  It may not be surprising to learn that one day Erin intends to race an Ironman.  However, for now, she is content riding the high of Victoria 70.3.  We give her another month before she signs up for an Ironman.  However, we know that, when she is ready, she will once again move outside of her comfort zone with the help of her TriStar family.

Thank you, Erin, for being a valuable and enthusiastic member of the TriStar family!  You’ve come a long way!