Athlete Profile: Mia Sevigny - Climbing Hurdles



Mia is new to triathlon, though she loves it for three reasons: the ability to be outdoors, the ability to move, and the ability to overcome a mental challenge with sights set on a tangible goal.  At the age of 50, she is one of TriStar’s newer members and one that we couldn’t be happier to have!

Mia began to run in her twenties.  She states that she did “too much too fast” and wound up with a knee injury.  This prevented her from running for a significant period.  After becoming a mother, she began cycling regularly.  The long rest from running and the cycling worked together to rehab and strengthen her knee so that she can now run without pain. 

Mia has completed athletic challenges in her past – a marathon more than 25 years ago and a century ride when she was a teenager (her proudest accomplishment).  She also completed the 90km Tour de Victoria cycling route in its inaugural year and Whistler GranFondo 2011.  Mia has enjoyed some epic hikes as well.  She hiked the Juan de Fuca and West Coast Trails with her 13 year old daughter in 2010.  She hiked part of the Sunshine Coast Trail with her sister in 2016.

Mia has been trail running for a couple of years.  She credits Coach Lindsey Millar for introducing her to Jason Ball’s “amazing” trail running clinic.  She is now participating in both the TriStars Trail Running clinic and the 2017 Finlayson Arm 28 km trail race.

Mia joined TriStars on the recommendation of her friend who had trained with TriStars for a couple of years.  At an Ironman Sprint package pick-up with her friend, Mia became impressed with how fit the athletes looked.  She found it incredible that they could compete in all three sports.  Mia had taken Bob Gebbie’s “Swimming 101” course in 2015.  Citing it as “the best course [she] had ever taken,” it became the basis of her confidence that she could actually compete in all three sports. The next year when Mia’s daughter graduated, Mia found her schedule suddenly much freer.  To celebrate, she gifted herself triathlon training. 

Mia is currently focused on getting stronger in all three sports.  She excels at strength (hill) training, but she struggles with speed training.  The feeling of an elevated heart rate scares her a bit, which is a very common feeling among athletes who aren’t accustomed to speed training.  Mia also hopes to be less afraid when riding downhill.  She is grateful for the fun and safe environment created during the TriStars training sessions that help her push past those fears.

As for her long term goals, Mia looks forward to one day rocking some of the TriStars A Group’s “epic rides” such as Triple Crown, Parksville, and the Port Renfrew-Cowichan route.

Mia is proof that you don’t have to “hang out” with only other triathletes to compete in the sport.  In her circle of friends, she is the only one who thinks endurance sports are fun to compete in.  She has really enjoyed getting to know the TriStars community – a group of like-minded people that she never knew existed.

We asked Mia if she could have dinner with any athlete who it would be.  She said Wendy Garrett is an absolute superhero of triathlon.  We agree.  Mia also said she wanted to sit down with TriStar’s own Saskia Bjornson, as Saskia is one of the big reasons that Mia kept swimming.  Mia struggled so much during the first learn to swim class, she was thankful to be in water so that no one could see her tears.  Saskia’s smile and motivation kept her positive and coming back even though she found the sport challenging.

Mia is an inspiration to us for so many reasons.  One of them is that she didn’t begin the sport until her late 40s.  Starting sports at all had its hurdles for her for so many reasons.  Being left-handed seemed to mess things up.  She was a terrible sprinter.  In any given sport, she was afraid of the ball and didn’t feel she knew the rules or had the skills to play.  She was generally the last person picked for a team.  We also admire Mia because she climbed all of these hurdles to call herself an athlete today. 

Thanks, Mia, for sticking with it to become the inspiring athlete you are today!