Athlete Profile - Chris Siver: Lifestyle Choices


Some of you may know Chris Siver in his capacity as a TriStars Coach and athlete.  Here, we get to know Chris more as an athlete.

As he says, Chris has no specific training goals, other than to still be training into his 9th decade.  Rather than train for anything in particular – at age 48 - he trains as a lifestyle choice.  He has always been aware of triathlon.  He swam as a child in Penticton.  He then raced BMX as a teen, followed by mountain biking in his 20s.  He also played rugby and football “poorly.”  However, as with many of us, when he became career-focused, his fitness suffered.  As Chris says, “I went from 175 to eventually topping out at 265 or thereabouts.  When it came to losing the weight, I could not face either swimming or cycling as I was so terribly out of shape.”  Thus, he took up running.  After he became more physically fit, Chris joined the UVic tri club and hasn’t stopped since.  This was, of course, fifteen years ago.  These days, he finds the time commitment and constant feeling of being “just a little bit tired” challenging, but he is incredibly proud of the friendships he has made and wouldn’t trade his triathlon experience for anything.

Chris is motivated by two opposite forces.  On the positive end, Chris wants to share in the successes of others; he is motivated by fun and joy.  On the other hand, Chris is motivated by fear.  Like many of us, he fears failure or being thought of as an imposter.  I think I can speak for all of us when I say there isn’t much danger of that!

When we asked Chris who his mentors and heroes are, he had this to say:

This is a great question. My mentors and heroes are my hardworking friends from whom I draw so much inspiration. People like Bob Gebbie, Lindsey Miller, Brandin Schultz, Brent Chan, Kathryn Sayle, Diana Thaxter, Saskia Bjornson, Shelby MacDonald, Christopher Mavrikos, Merv Child and Duncan Atkinson. I could go on and on. These are the people who make everyday sacrifices in order to push themselves and give their knowledge wisdom, spirit and energy to their friends. They are my heroes.
— Chris Siver

We are beyond pleased to have Chris as part of our team as an athlete, and in a leadership role. His humor, his Rule Book (it’s a thing) and his enthusiasm for his own training and for supporting others makes him a much-loved member of the TriStars Team.