Group Plus

Signed up for group programs but can't make all the sessions? Don't want to miss a workout? Group Plus provides those registered our weekly training sessions in advance along with additional optional sessions. Once registered for Group Plus you will receive an email (newsletter format) at the start of each week. Also included in each email will be ways to adapt each session to best suit your own training and links for drills and other helpful information. 

Sign up now for this great weekly training program supplement for the Winter Training weeks!

Winter Program Sessions (8 weeks) Cost: $50.00 plus tax (Members) $60.00 plus tax (Non Members)

Click "Register" below to pay for the program and we'll add you to the Group Plus mailing list starting January 1st.  For more info contact us


Swimming - 3 Swim Workouts

  • 3 distance options
  • video links for drills
  • terms glossary
  • easy to follow
  • progressive (follows group season plan)


Cycling - 3 Cycling Workouts

  • distance and intensity options (explained)
  • form tips and reminders
  • drills for proper warm up
  • video links (info or motivational)
  • gradually progressive (safety first)


Running - 3 Running Workouts

  • track, hills, tempo, endurance
  • warm up drills
  • training zone suggestions (based on RPE)
  • modifications for runners and run/walkers
  • gradually progressive (safety first)