Fall Beginner Trail Program

New to trail running? This is the perfect program for you.  This fun 10 week (Sept 24th - Nov 26th) program is geared towards runners who are looking for some Fall cross training off the roads. We'll explore many local trail systems but keep the runs between 60 and 90 mins. Featuring a mix of running and hiking you'll get introduced to the finer points of trail running as well as to some power hiking and hill climbing. The views are more than worth it! 


Sunday mornings 9am - Various Locations
Optional but definitely recommended. Weekly hill repeats will help whip you into shape and prepare you for the climbs to come! Repeats will be a mix of trail or road hills in various locations. We will do a good warm up followed by a progressive set of hill repeats of varying paces and a mix of power walking and running. Cool down to follow.  Run time will be anywhere from 60-90 mins depending on the terrain, location, type of workout and runner. Location details will be emailed to participants in advance along with time/distance approximations for each run. Relax...these will be fun as well as challenging. Schedule coming soon...

Equipment Will You Need?
Good running shoes, trail shoes are best but definitely not mandatory.  Water belt or pack.  Please bring your own cell phone and emergency contact information carried on your is a must. Run leader will have first aid pack.

What Running Experience Do You Need?
Ideally all participants should be able to run for at least 60 mins or walk/hike for 60-90 mins continuously. 
Sessions will go up to 4 hours + as we near the end of the program so the ability to run/hike that length of time would be essential. Many of the trails are a mix of run/hike and most are very hilly so you can expect a challenging workout each outing. 

Cost: $75 plus tax for the 10 sessions  
Drop In: $10 per session

For more information or to be added to our contact list for this program please fill out the following form. 

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