Summer Group Training Program 2019


Summer Training

Monday - 6:30pm Start
Bike - Speed work on your bike. Get down in that Aero position and push those pedals.

Tuesday - 6:30pm
Swim at Thetis lake - Meet at Thetis Lake at 6:30pm. This swim will be shorter distances and some speed work / will also focus on transitions, drafting, swimming in a group, shallow and deep water starts.

Wednesday - 6:30pm
Brick training - Learn how to run on bike legs. You will do a short bike workout and then hop off and go for a run. Great practice for speedy transitions

Thursday - 6:30pm
Swim at Thetis Lake - Longer swims, these are putting in the distance. Distance will range between 1500m and 2500m, depending on ability.

Saturday - 9am
Bike ride at Commonwealth Pool. All levels

Sunday - 8am
Run - This will be a distance from 5km - 20km. We will meet at different locations around Victoria.

Cost - Swim only
June 4th - Aug 29th
$175.00 + tax = 183.75

Full Program
June 4th - Aug 29th
$275 + tax = $288.75

Stand alone bike - $100

To register: send e-transfer to:


Online Coaching

Options For Training Solo



March 5th - June 2nd
An intro to Triathlon. The perfect start to your triathlon experience.

Tues: Class 6:30-7:15pm/Swim 7:30-8:15pm
Thurs: Run 6:30-7:15pm//Swim 7:30-8:15pm

Course Code: 845655
Cost: $199 + tax


Swimming 101

Nov 6th - 29th
Learn the art of swimming. If you struggle this is the class for you!

Tues: Class 7:30-8:15pm/Swim 8:15-9:00pm
Thurs: Class 7:30-8:15pm/Swim 8:15-9:00pm

Course Code: 845656
Cost: $120 + tax


Swimming Options

Tues/Thurs Evening Lake Swim /Thetis Lake
Jane 2nd - Aug 29th

6:30pm - 7:30pm
Open water swimming.

Cost: $175 + tax


Outdoor Riding!

Leaders Chris Siver and Shelby MacDonald return to take you outside and get you ready for your summer races . Monday will be speed work and Wednesday with Bricks

Monday and Wedneday : 6:30- 7:30pm
$100 + tax


Fall Running

Sunday’s will be a longer run day. We will meet at different locations around Victoria

Sunday - 8am
Cost $60