TriStars Coaches

Take the time to meet our Coaches. Each person brings a unique quality and years of experience to our training sessions. Our athletes benefit a variety of Coaching styles and personalities. Whether you choose online coaching or join in our Group Programming you'll be supported, encouraged and challenged as you improve through the years.


Lindsey Millar
Owner & Head Coach
NCCP Certified Triathlon Coach
Ironman Certified Coach

Saskia Bjornson
Program Coordinater
Swim, Bike and Run Coach
Ironman Finisher
Saskia Say's Program Director

Johnny Greaves
Group Swim/Run Coach
31 Marathons
3 IMC Canada Finishes


Garth Fuller
35 Triathlon Finishes
Many Marathon Finishes
ITU Long Course Champion 

Sooz Flannigan
Online Triathlon Coach
Triathlon Coach ChPC
NCCP Certified Triathlon Coach

Active Coaches and Leaders

Pam Scott
Community Level Coach

Lisa Morris
Run/Bike Leader

Jan Frith
NCCP Certified Coach

Laura-Lee Grealy
Community Level Coach


Chris Siver
Spin/Bike/Run Leader