Foldable Cap
35.00 + tax (SALE PRICE $26.25 + tax)

This technical fabric hat is both breathable and folds instantly to fit in your pocket. Washes easily in the machine! 

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TriStars Visor
$30.00 + tax (SALE PRICE $22.50 + tax)

Look good and keep cool with a TriStars visor.
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$12.00 + tax (SALE PRICE $9.00 + tax)

TriStars Socks - accent your sports or casual clothing with these eye-catching quality socks.  1" and 2" cuffs available - please specify height when ordering.

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Silicone Swim Cap
$10.00 + tax (Not On Sale)

This is our premium silicone swim cap. It's thicker than normal and ideal for the chilly spring waters of Thetis Lake. This cap will also last longer than a latex swim cap. 

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TriStars Chawel
$30.00 + tax (SALE PRICE $22.50 +tax)

Not just a towel, it’s a changeroom, neck pillow, sleeping bag and more!  

Just 2 of these in stock!
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