12 Week Training Programs

Our 12 Week Training Programs are easy to follow guides for athletes with triathlon, singe sport or general fitness goals. Workouts are organized in an easy to follow routine pattern and delivered via Training Peaks or in PDF format.  Programs are modified slightly to fit the needs of each individual, this ensure your program is a good fit for your goals. Each program built is safe and progressive for beginners or more experienced and self directed athletes. 

Available programs: Sprint, Standard or Half Iron Triathlon Distances, Running, Trail Running,  Cycling or Swimming Specific Programs and GET FIT (Strength and Cardio) Programs. 


12 Week Programs Include...

  • Planned and organized training schedule
  • Easy to follow workouts
  • Training Zone Chart
  • Video links for drills/exercises
  • Weekly follow up with your Coach
  • Fuel and nutrition basics
  • Progressive and Safe 
  • Training Peaks or PDF Options
  • NEW 2018 Members 15% Off

Cost: $300.00 plus tax (PDF Format)
Cost: $350.00 plus tax (w/Training Peaks account) 
For more information please contact us.