TriStars Training - Victoria, BC


New TriStars TriSuits! 

The first item of our newly designed kit is available for order!  


Summer Dates: May 30th - Aug 27th
Mon - Brick (Bike/Run)
Tues/Thurs - Open Water Swim (am or pm)
Wed - Track Running
Sat - Long Ride
Sun - Open Water Swim and/or Long Run
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Summer Trail Running (June 28th-Sept 4th)
Spend your Summer exploring some of the most beautiful trail systems in the world. This extensive 10 week Trail Running Program features one hill training night during the week and a long run each Sunday. Ideal training for the Finlayson Arm 28k or 50k.

Elk Lake Training Camp
Train For: Dynamic Events Elk Lake Triathlon
Sprint, Standard, Duathlon or Aquabike
Register for the race and camp via our website and you'll receive a promo code for an race discount.  TriStars Team Member Discount 20%!